DIY Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover


Want to know how I remodeled my bathroom, with a board and batten wall, new paint, updated cabinets, counter-tops, and faucets, for under $85? I am going to share with you the steps that I took, to bring my vision  to life, at a low cost!

Since we moved into this house last July, I have been anxious to redo our guest bath. This is what it looked like when we moved in: all white walls, orange wood cabinets, and old worn faucets. Nothing was necessarily wrong with it. It was fully functional, just bland, and outdated.

The first step in any project is to come up with a vision, and a game plan on how to achieve it! The first thing I did was choose a color scheme, based around the existing shower curtain we had. I knew I wanted do board and batten on one of the walls, and wanted the remainder of the walls, a dark color, for contrast. From there, I decided to go with painting the cabinets white, to balance out the light and dark, and paint the counter-top to include the different shades of colors throughout the bathroom. Once you decide on the basic colors and updates you want, you can get started!

The next step is to set a realistic goal to complete the remodel by. I decided to span mine over a one month period, and take on one step of the remodel each weekend. If you have more free time (or don’t have little ones needing your attention every 20 seconds), you can probably move at a faster pace, and complete it sooner.

Next, pick your paint colors, and gather up supplies. At the bottom of the post, is a list of supplies I needed, and the cost associated. Alright! Here are the updates I did, in the following order:

Step 1: Paint The Walls!

I decided to start by painting the walls. I knew I wanted a dark brown for the walls. I had seen a bathroom a few years ago on Pinterest that had dark walls and it looked really nice. I decided to try to match the wall color to my shower curtain. The color on the curtain is a dark color that falls somewhere between brown and gray. I ended up going with Ottertail from Lowes, and I am SO happy with how the color looks! One helpful tip for when you’re painting a room (that I wish I would have thought of before we painted our entire living room, dining room, and kitchen) is, to use a paint edger, like this one! It saves so much time! I only spent a couple hours painting the bathroom, from start to finish. The part that took the longest was painting the wall behind the toilet.

Step 2: Board and Batten

I LOVE the look of board and batten. After browsing through a few tutorials on Pinterest, I decided that it looked simple enough, and I wanted try it. Let me be honest though, this step did take longer than I expected, and I needed my husband’s help, when it came to attaching the boards to the wall, and getting them evenly spaced out. This project is a two person job, so give yourself some time, and find a helper! You can find several tutorials on how to do this, like the ones here, here, and here.

I skipped the thin flat sheet of wood that you typically see behind the other strips of wood in board and batten, and just applied the boards straight to the wall. In hindsight though, I wish I would have taken that step, since our bathroom walls are textured. It would have given a smoother overall appearance. Oh well, I still like the look of it! If you have smooth walls, or don’t mind the textured look, you can skip that board, and just do the batten strips. I used (3) 1″x2″x8′ strips, cut in half, to be 4′ tall each. I only ended up using 5 of the 6 boards to span across the wall.  I took off our original trim along the bottom wall, and replaced it with a 1″x4″ firring strip, and added a second 1″x4″ board across the top of the vertical boards.

Before and After:


Step 3: Prime, Paint and Seal Counter-tops!

This part was fun, and also slightly terrifying at times. There are several ways you can go about redoing your countertops: DIY concrete counters, DIY marble-like counters, DIY faux granite kits from Giani, etc. I chose to follow this tutorial on how to paint them with acrylic paint and sea sponges. It costs a total of about $30, and is done in 3 simple steps: primer, paint (sponged on in various patterns and colors), then polycrylic sealer (quite a few coats). When I was in the middle of this project, there were a couple points where I was like, “Oh no! What have I done?!” (see picture 2 below), but it ended up turning out just fine!*

*There is ONE thing I would do differently with these counters. When I applied the primer, I didn’t have a foam roller, so I used a brush, thinking it wouldn’t make much of a difference. I thought it looked fine, and the brush strokes weren’t noticeable, until I applied the sealer on top. Then I noticed this:
very visible brush strokes under certain light and angles. ugh. If you decide to try this technique with your counter, use a roller to apply the primer! 🙂

Most days, I am still pretty happy with how this turned out, if I don’t look too closely. Way better than before, at least!


Step 4: Paint the cabinets!
This step is pretty simple and straightforward. It was also free for me (bonus!), because we had a can of white paint laying around. Since I chose to go with white for the cabinets, I had to apply a few coats, to fully cover the orange wood, but I am very happy with the white. I love how it instantly brightens up the space! We did buy two dark cabinet pulls and added them to the bottom cabinets, to finish off the look.

Step 5: Spray Paint the Faucets!

This is an easy way to instantly update any room. Our bathroom had silver and gold faucets on the sink and shower. I bought a can of Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint in “Oil Rubbed Bronze”,  tediously taped off around the faucets, and generously covered the surrounding areas, then spray painted them.  While, this step significantly improve the look of the faucets, and looked really nice right after they were done… the one downside I have noticed after months of use, is that the paint is beginning to chip and peel off in spots.

If I were to redo this step (which I likely will, soon) I would use some kind of sealer, such as polyacrylic, on top of the spray paint, after it has dried, to seal it, and hopefully prevent chipping. The countertop has held up very well, with the sealer!

Once all the major changes you want to make are completed,  just add some decor, and finishing touches, and there you go… it’s a whole new room!    

I am hoping to add dark laminate wood floors, and a yellow rug, eventually, when time and resources allow! For now though, I am pleased with the results, that a few simple updates made! If you have recently remodeled a bathroom, kitchen or other rooms in your house, I would love to hear from you about your DIY improvements! I am always looking for new project ideas.

Here is a list of what the supplies cost me. The costs may vary, depending on where you purchase the materials, how much you need, and what you already have on hand or not.

Painters tape         $3.49    Fred Meyer
Paint brush              $1.00.  Dollar tree
Paint roller cover    $1.00  Dollar tree
Masking paper        $2.98   Lowe’s

Paint edger              $3.47 Home Depot
Roller                      $1.00  Dollar tree

Cabinet pulls (2)      $5.98   Fred Meyer

Sea Sponge(4 pk)       $2.25     JoAnn Fabrics
Acrylic paints (4)       $9.00    JoAnn Fabrics
1 qt paint (Ottertail) $12.00 Lowe’s
1 qt Primer               $10.49  Fred Meyer

1 qt Minwax Gloss Polycrylic           $9.47    Lowe’s

1″×2″x8′ Spruce/Pine-Fir  furring strip (3) $3.57 Lowes’
1″×4″×8′ Spruce/Pine-Fir furring strip (2)  $5.38 Lowe’s

Liquid Nails                                     $2.48  Lowe’s
1 lb pack Molding and Trim Nails $3.47 Home Depot

Rustoleum Spray Paint (oil rubbed bronze) $5.68.    Fred Meyer

                          Total:        $82.72











4 thoughts on “DIY Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover

  1. Soooo incredibly proud of your creativity, resourcefulness, and blogging ability. You’re amazing, niecipoo, in sooo many ways. Love you! ❤️

    1. Thank you so much, Aunt Anne! I appreciate your constant love and encouragement! It means a lot. Love you! ?

  2. I love all of this! Great job! I had no idea you could spray paint faucets! Thanks for helping me learn and for being such an inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Aunt Jenny! I know, I saw the idea on Pinterest, and thought it would be a simple (and cheap) way to temporarily update them. You can also use it on door handles and light fixtures. ?

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